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Be the Sun


Titel: Sei die Sonne

Grösse: 30x40cm

Medium: Öl auf Leinwand

Jahr: 2023

gerahmt (Holzrahmen)


Title: Be the Sun

Size: 30x40cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2023

Framed (Wooden Frame)


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My Poem:


Be the sun," they say, a beacon in the fray, A source of light, of warmth, of day, Rise above, spread rays of love, Shine on those below, from heights above.

Be the sun, in kindness bask, A task so noble, none need ask, Illuminate the path for all, Catch them gently should they fall.

Through storms and shadows, be the guide, In darkest hours, by their side, Be the sun, a constant flame, In every act, uphold thy name.

Warm the hearts of those in cold, With stories bright and courage bold, Be the sun, a force so grand, In every gesture, lend a hand.

And when the night does come to call, Remember suns don't truly fall, They rest, they rise, and then anew, They shine — so shine, as suns do.

"Be the sun," a mantra deep, In love, in light, a promise keep, To warm, to guide, to brighten days, In all you do, let sun-like rays.

Be the sun

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