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The Masters Choice brushes are our most popular natural hair brushes. We’ve put this set together consisting of our most popular shapes and sizes to give you a taster of what this hair has to offer.
They are a unique blend of badger hairs (once were the mongoose hair). They are absolutely brilliant for alla prima work, allowing you to work ‘wet on wet’ without pulling the paint away. The hair is responsive and firm, yet gives almost a velvet feel. They are ideal for adding highlights and tonal values. They are resilient, and will wear down well.
The Series 279’s  is a ‘Longer’ style and was designed and developed with the help of some of America’s finest oil painters.  Thank you Morgan Weistling, Tony Pro and Jeremy Lipking.  “We got it right guys!”
The 105 fan brush is what we would consider, the best fan brush available. This brush should become a little go-to for you to soften and knock back edges easily. They have the right fill of hair to make them soft enough to move paint around without picking it back up. The perfect little blending brush! 
The 275 angular is a favourite for many botanical artists. They hold a chisel edge and yet can be used on their side and with a point. They are a 3 in 1 brush and I’m sure you’ll consider them a favourite from this set!

Masters Choice for Oils

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