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United Art Zürich Exhibition 2023

Über uns

Dear art lovers and art lovers!

The opening of the art exhibition United Art Zurich Deluxe last night was a great success! It was a wonderful evening with many visitors and great drinks and appetizers! I was very happy to see so many new faces and meet great new artists! It is always an adventure to see so much great art and I am so proud of our organizer Jose! He did such a great job with it all! Thank you Jose for your initiative and organizational skills! 


My paintings will remain on display there with 26 other artists until June 3, 2023. If you are interested, you can buy the artworks directly on site or write me an email.


The finissage will take place on Saturday June 3 at 12:00 pm until 22:00 pm.


Thanks again to all who came!


You can find the prices of the paintings on my website.


I wish you a wonderful sunny week


Your artist



SKY Art Paintings


Price list for my Paintings

Find my price list for the current exhibition in Zurich here:


Storytelling Paintings

Stephanie Künzli Ycaza is a Swiss artist who has been painting people in the context of nature since 2010. Her speciality is oil painting, and she creates realistic portraits, landscape paintings, and abstract paintings. From a young age, Stephanie has been fascinated by art, finding inspiration in the great art museums of Europe such as the Louvre in Paris. As a visionary artist of this century, she is committed to connecting nature with people in her art. Stephanie's paintings are focused on emotional stories and aim to reflect the viewer on an emotional level, giving them a new insight.


Stephanie has an academic background in fine arts, attending schools such as the School of Design in Basel, Benad Academy in Munich for illusion and wall painting, and Decinti Art Academy in Madrid. Today, Stephanie works in her studio in Basel and regularly organizes exhibitions nationally and internationally.

In addition to fine art paintings, Stephanie also excels in bodypainting, digital and video art, murals, and fine art photography. Her last art exhibition was held on October 2022 at the Art Exhibition Einreisedatum in Basel, and she recently participated in the Artbox Project Palma 1.0 at Gallery Casa del Arte Palma from October 2022 to November 2022.


Stephanie Künzli Ycaza is a talented and dedicated artist who continues to inspire through her art, and we look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.


Artist Statement

Since I was little, emotional stories have fascinated me, and I enjoy observing people on the streets. From the beginning, I wanted to understand how people feel and why they express their feelings in so many different ways. I try to reflect these thoughts and observations in my paintings. I like to paint people in connection with nature because I see nature as the deity and fundamental essence of our spirituality and beliefs. With my paintings, I want to emotionally touch people and hold up a mirror to their emotions. Through my art, visitors should be able to see themselves reflected in their experiences and allowed to reflect on themselves. How do we love? How do we miss? How do we develop ourselves further? Emotional intelligence is the key to a healthy social society, and through my art, I want to make a contribution to that.


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