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Conceived / co-organized / curated by Stephanie Künzli Ycaza

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Museum Kleines Klingental

Art Festival Ariv
16. September 2023

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Future Art Living

Art Competition, Art Party and Event

in cooperation with Ariv Co-living




“Einreisedatum”, translating to “date of entry”, is an art exhibition that consists of a labyrinth installation featuring ten portraits of people with migrant backgrounds. 

The labyrinth-like art installation is representative of the many paths an individual can take in the Swiss education system. The interior of the labyrinth exhibits an interactive portrait series. Visitors can use the augmented reality app Artivive to explore the complexities of the Swiss education system and learn how systematic hurdles and chances can change someone’s life journey. 

The project aims to increase awareness about the importance of equal opportunities in the Swiss education system and to inspire people to build a more open and multicultural Swiss society.

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Collectors Club
Art Exhibition at Lora Restaurant during art basel


Art exhibition at Restaurant Lora during Art Basel 2021.


September 22-25, 2021


Curator: Stephanie Künzli Ycaza

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