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My dear friends 


I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during this time. It was a wonderful exhibition and I am thrilled how my guests received the new dimension of Artivive. I'm sure you all enjoyed it! This was not the last time! The next exhibition will take place soon!



Prints are now sold directly at Petershof Basel.

There are only 10 limited editions per picture of „The Captain navigates“ and „The Melody of a young girl’s heart“ and all prints can be brought to life with the app Artivive. 

Price per print: CHF 180.- 

Order your print today! We only have a few left!


Thanks for the flowers and gifts to everyone!


Have a wonderful spring season!


I'm going to go a bit underground for the next 4 weeks!

See you soon


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Swiss Art


Unberührtes Gebiet

Ausgestellt an der Swiss Art Expo 2020

Acryl auf Leinen gespannt auf Holz

1.98cm Durchmesser


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Exhibition 2019
Exhibition 2021
Live Bodypainting Performance 2018


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Welcome to 

Our 3D Art Exhibition


09.2011  Basel, Switzerland - Dream about Julia
01.2012  Guayaquil, Ecuador - I dream with Limoncito
01.2013  Basel, Switzerland - Pfauen 
05.2014  Basel, Switzerland - St. Jakob - Frühling erwacht
10.2014  Basel, Switzerland - St. Jakob - Silikonbilder
11.2015  Basel, Switzerland - Arte Binningen
08.2016  Houston, Texas - USA - Sponsor: Supernova Furniture
09.2016  Basel, Switzerland - SUD URBAN ARTS & BURGERS
04.2017  Basel, Switzerland - emotion & the moon inside me
10.2017  Basel Switzerland - human and nature 
                Herbstwarenmesse - Ausstellung Urban Arts
02.2019   Basel, Switzerland - MUBA Solo Exhibition
03.2019   Basel, Switzerland - Finissage bei Cuisines Cartier
05.2019   Pratteln, Switzerland - Event Art Exhibition - Marvida Gmb
                Mehr Informationen findest du unter: Kunstausstellung "Streifzug durch den Wald
10. 2019             Basel, Kunst im Petershof - Group Art Exhibition
27.06.2020         Kunst hilft Fluh, Fluh hilft Kunst
08.07.2020         Time for Change - Art Exhibition & Art Auction
08.2020              Swissartexpo - The Art Festival in Zürich
                          SBB Eventhalle Zürich - Virtual Tour
10.2020              Basel, Switzerland Gallery: Petershof Kunstausstellung   
01.2021              Wattwil, Switzerland - Gallery1923 - 24.01.2021-28.02.2021
03 2021                Basel, Gallery Kunst.Part - 16.03.2021 - 27.03.2021 
05.2021             Artbox Project Barcelona 1.0 - Group Exhibition  
                         Valid World Hall, Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 6, 08018 Barcelona,                                          Spanien 
Coming Soon - Year 2021
May/June 2021           Basel, Group Petershof Art Exhibition
With: Alejandro Decinti Oyarzun, Veronica Aris Zlatar, Sofia Rossi Bunge, Rafael Ramirez Maro 
June 2021                   Venice, Italy Clio Art Fair

Kuratorin und Projektleiterin

08.07.2020                          Event "Time for Change" in der Markthalle Basel
2021                         Kunstnest Basel - Projektleiterin für Gestaltung und Kunst

Live Bodypainting Performances

11.2015 Basel, Switzerland - Arte Binningen - Live Show Bodypainting - Video
09.2016 Basel, Switzerland - SUD URBAN ARTS & BURGERS - Show auf der Bühne
02.2029 Basel, Switzerland - MUBA Solo Exhibition - Video
04.2029 Basel, Switzerland - SABAG Live Bodypainting Dance Performance
08.2019 Basel, Switzerland - Jugendkulturfestival Bodypainting Dance Performance - Video
Coming Soon:
2021 Basel, Switzerland - "Art Explosion" Bodypainting Konzert im Sommercasino Basel
mit: Anna Smith & Ricky Leroy Brown & NDC Basel

Digital Art Exhibition

April 2020         Digital Art Exhibition (VR) - Intro
Oktober 2020     Digital Art Exhibition - Petershof Basel 
February 2021    Digital Art Exhibition (VR) - Link (veröffentlicht wird die Ausstellung am 17.02.2021)

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