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Title: I, the Paradise Bird

Size: 30x30cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2023

Framed (Wooden Frame)


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My Poem:


In a world of black and white, I'm a paradise bird, bright and bold,

My colors vivid, my spirit untold.

I dance through life with a vibrant grace,

A kaleidoscope of dreams, in this wondrous space.


I'm not afraid to be different, to stand apart,

For in my uniqueness, I find my heart.

With creativity as my guiding star,

I paint the sky, near and far.


A paradise bird, I spread my wings wide,

Inviting others to dance by my side,

In a symphony of colors, we take our flight,

Together, we shine, so brilliantly bright.


So, be a paradise bird, let your colors unfurl,

In this world of possibilities, be a vibrant swirl.

Embrace your uniqueness, let your spirit soar,

And watch as others join you, to dance and explore.


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I, the Paradise Bird

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