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With more than 15 years of painting, I have used many brands and types of brushes and based on my experience I have created this SET OF BRUSHES which is a selection of more than 30 brushes of different brands, with a great variety of shapes and types of hair, this is a set of brushes that I use regularly to paint human figure, I also give workshops around the world and this is the Set I tell my students to take with them. the SET includes a hard case for travel that perfectly protects the brushes avoiding damage and can be bent to hold the brushes vertically and on a desired angle.


  • More than 30 brushes including different types of hair and shapes
  • The set has brushes made of pure red sable, goat, diferent type of synthetic hair, Hog, etc
  • Some brushes are long-handled and others have a short handle.
  • Includes 3 types of special brushes to paint hair and thin lines
  • Filberts, rounds, flats, oval, fan, mop, liners, dagger, etc.
  • Some are hard bristles and others are soft
  • There are special brushes for blending
  • Two brushes of fan-shaped made of pure red sable that are wonderful to softening brush strokes
  • Two 1/2 "brush and one 1 1/2" brush
  • Plate on the front of the case with the brand and signature of Omar Ortiz
  • Travel case that perfectly protects the brushes avoiding damage
  • The case is folded to be placed vertically at the desired angle by simply tensioning the included cord
  • The case has elastic bands to hold the brushes in place

PRO Brushes Set by Omar Ortiz

Artikelnummer: 40039
CHF 240,00Preis
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