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The Walk on the Beach


“Come walk with me along the beach, where sunsets seem within reach. We’ll search for treasures in the sand.”


Aaah, a good walk on the beach.

Very few things come close to the feeling you get when you walk on the sand, with the occasional wave hitting your feet. It’s such a relaxing moment, perfect to clear your mind of the daily clutter and let your thoughts float.

Whether it’s a morning walk by yourself, or an evening walk with your lover as the sun sets, these moments are so precious.

The story behind it:


Sometimes it just takes calmness, serenity and the basic trust that everything will be fine. The last 2 weeks I spent my vacations in La Gomera with a good friend. The tranquility that this island radiates was exactly what I needed. In a restless society where it's all about being faster, more efficient and more intelligent - outdoing the competition or even becoming the best... much of life get lost. With the pandemic I got to know myself in a new light and now I want to share this new perspective in my life with others. 


This painting is the first of 10 small oil paintings that will be published in the next few days. In this series I will show different life situations that are driving people in my environment and also myself. 


The essence of this series: Let's fall in love again and again with life and with ourselves. 


Title: The Walk on the Beach

Size: 30x40cm on oil paper


Year: 2022

Medium: Oil, gold on oil paper


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The Walk on the Beach

CHF 650,00Preis
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