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The Young Sannyasin


What is a Sannyasin?

A Sannyasin is one who lives through imagination, who lives through the dreaming quality of his mind, who lives through poetry, who gives a poetic quality to life, who perceives the world through visions and dreams. Then the trees are greener than they look to you, the birds are more beautiful, then everything takes on a luminous quality. Ordinary pebbles become diamonds, ordinary rocks are then simply no longer ordinary - nothing is ordinary. Children of a very young age are especially in this state.


About the painting:


Title: The Young Sannyasin 

Size: 80x80x2cm


Medium: Oil on canvas

Year: 2022

Augmented Reality with Artivive 


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SOLD - The Young Sannyasin

CHF 2.200,00Preis
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