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House of Letters

Die Gedanken einer Stadt

Hast du deinen Brief gefunden?


Welcome to a world full of letters, hidden in public places in our city. Here, it's all about personal stories, everyday experiences, and deeply felt emotions that we often only share with a few. These are thoughts we usually keep to ourselves or experiences we want to process. In these letters, someone from our own city shares their life experiences and passes them on in these delicate lines.

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Schreiben am Wasser
Schreiben am Wasser


Be part of an exhibition in 2023

Every response, every thought is collected and used for an exhibition at the end of the year. This exhibition will showcase the rich world of thoughts and emotions of our city, Basel. Letters, once a common means of communication, allowed people to take their time and carefully consider which information was important for the recipient. In our fast-paced world, letters have become an intriguing medium that allows us to reconnect with deep emotions.

With this experiment, we aim to encourage people on the streets to reconnect with their surroundings. At the end, you never know if the recipient of the next letter might be the person passing by you at that moment. That's why we have placed 20 different letters in public places throughout the city today. You have the opportunity to search for these (anonymous) letters and respond to them.

Address: Ariv Coliving Badenstrasse 1, 4057 Basel

This project is supported by Ariv Coliving in Basel.

This afternoon, a performance will take place, where the artist Stephanie Künzli Ycaza's model, Mimi, will be transformed into a living letter. She will wander through the streets of our city and deliver letters to people. She will walk along the Art Basel route after 6:00 PM.

The performance will start at 6:00 PM at Gämsberg Keller in Basel.

For more information about today's program, please visit:

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