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Abstract painting for you and your team

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Acrylic Painting Workshops in Basel - Dates from May to September 2021

Book your appointment during the week or at the weekend

We have space for max. 6 people in studio

max. 10 persons outdoor


What do you need to know?


This workshop is about fun, stress relief, communication and creation. 

In this workshop you will learn new painting techniques: we work mainly with palette knives, brushes and spoons. We mix, scratch, wipe, brush, paint and throw the colours onto the canvas. Previous knowledge is no obstacle - but also not absolutely necessary. What is really important is to have the courage to try something new or to learn something new. Along the way, you get to know like-minded people or your team better and you can exchange tips and tricks or simply treat yourself to a few hours of time for yourself. 


Uncover your own artistic identity! 


The artist Stephanie Künzli Ycaza will show you various techniques and respond individually to your previous knowledge, wishes and needs. 


Aim of the courses

Surely the goal of every participant is to paint a great picture that might fit beautifully over the red sofa or in the dining area. As a rule, this is achieved.

But it is at least as interesting to find out how to bring tension and tranquillity into a picture. Where should the viewer look and how do I influence that? Which techniques do I use and when is an abstract painting actually finished?

These are some of the questions to which we seek and find answers in the course. My personal goal is to show each individual what is possible. Creativity lies dormant in each of us and often we ourselves are the most amazed at what talents lie dormant within us! Time to discover them and live them out!


The focus is on the joy and enthusiasm of artistic work. Everyone who enjoys experimenting, whether beginner or experienced, is cordially invited. 


We ask for your understanding that, due to Corona, the number of participants must be limited to 10. 


Course fee: 

Single person: CHF 220.-

Two persons: CHF 350.-

Three persons: CHF 550.-

Four persons: CHF 650.-

From 5 persons: CHF 180.- per person


Time required: 2-3 hours 

Depending on how fast or slow you work


Material costs: A canvas & acrylic paints are included in the price.

Canvas size: max. 80x80cm or 70x100cm

Other canvas sizes on request or bring your own. 

After registration you will receive further course information. 

Incl. water, coffee & snack


Participants are welcome to bring their own canvases in the desired format, as well as pictures that are to be painted over.

Where does the workshop take place?

Either in the studio in the Aktienmühle in Basel or in Bottmingen

Address Bottmingen: Neumattstrasse 17, 4103 Bottmingen

Address Basel: Gärtnerstrasse 46. 4058 Basel, 4th floor


or directly at the clients place (Travel costs will be charged in addition)


or outside in nature


Important: All courses comply with current hygiene regulations. As each participant paints at a single table, the minimum distances can be observed. Nevertheless, mouth and nose protection is currently obligatory. Persons who feel ill or are contagious, please postpone their course participation to a later date. Thank you for your understanding!

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