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A moment's respite from worldly care


Titel: Eine kurze Atempause von weltlichen Sorgen

Grösse: 30x40cm

Medium: Öl auf Leinwand

Jahr: 2023

gerahmt (Holzrahmen)


Title: A moment's respite from worldly care

Size: 30x40cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2023

Framed (Wooden Frame)


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My Poem:


In her cozy room, she softly lays, A young woman seeking restful days, Upon her bed, she's laid so bare, A moment's respite from worldly care.

Naked, vulnerable, in solitude she sighs, Beneath the open, starlit skies, She longs to sleep and forget the world's sound, In tranquil moments, her peace is found.

The hustle and bustle, the chaos outside, Fade into silence as dreams softly glide, Her haven of stillness, her haven of grace, A cherished retreat, in this tranquil place.

For a fleeting moment, the world slips away, In the gentle embrace of night's sweet ballet, In her naked vulnerability, she finds release, A sanctuary of peace, a moment of sweet ease.

So, let her rest, let her dreams unfurl, In this quiet haven of a slumbering girl, For within this solitude, her spirit takes flight, In the peaceful sanctuary of her restful night.

A moment's respite from worldly care

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