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My Sunset Sky


Titel: Mein Himmel bei Sonnenuntergang

Grösse: 30x40cm

Medium: Öl auf Leinwand

Jahr: 2023

gerahmt (Holzrahmen)


Title: My Sunset Sky

Size: 30x40cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2023

Framed (Wooden Frame)


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My Poem:


Beneath the canvas of the twilight sky,
Where day and night in fleeting moments vie,
A young woman gazes, her eyes aglow,
As heaven's palette puts on a vibrant show.

The sky ablaze with fire, a crimson hue,
A mesmerizing spectacle, a dream come true,
Each passing minute, colors gracefully blend,
In every wisp of cloud, a story to attend.

A tapestry of magic, the heavens weave,
As stars awaken, the night's secrets to conceive,
She stands in wonder, beneath the painted dome,
In this celestial theater, she's finally found home.



My Sunset Sky

Artikelnummer: 230992053
CHF 450,00Preis
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