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Tell me about your day


Titel: Tell me about your day


Medium: Öl auf Leinwand

Jahr: 2023

gerahmt (Holzrahmen)


Title: Tell me about your day

Size: 30x40cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2023

Framed (Wooden Frame)


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Tell me about your day:



In the kitchen, she dances, a culinary dream,

Creating art with flavors, a delicate cuisine.

As the morning sun softly starts to rise,

She stirs up a symphony, a sweet surprise.


Her lover, he tiptoes, warmth in his eye,

To her side, he quietly draws nigh.

She turns, surprised, by his gentle touch,

And a smile lights up her face.


"Tell me about your day, grumpy cat“

She whispers softly, not wanting to part.

They sit on the floor, two souls in a trance,

In each other's arms, they begin to talk.


Sharing stories of life, their laughter takes flight,

In the cozy kitchen, bathed in soft evening light.

Two hearts entwined, love's sweet serenade,

As they savor the moments that will never fade.


Mein heutiger Song: To build a home - The cinematic Orchestra, Patrick Watson



SOLD - Tell me about your day

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