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The ancient Tree


Titel: The ancient Tree


Medium: Öl auf Holz

Jahr: 2023

gerahmt (Schattenfugenrahmen) 

kommt mit einem Echtheitszertifikat


Title: The Ancient Tree

Size: 114x142cm

Medium: Oil on Wood

Year: 2023

Framed (Shadow Box Frame)


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My Peotry to this painting:


Amidst the forest's ancient embrace, Old trees stand with unwavering grace. Their limbs, like wise old arms, reach high, Guardians of the earth, touching the sky.

In their silent whispers, secrets reside, A timeless wisdom, in age they hide. With roots that delve deep into the ground, They cradle our world, profound and unbound.

Through seasons they've weathered, both harsh and mild, Their rings tell stories of nature's wild. They've witnessed history, through many an age, In their sheltering shade, we find solace and sage.

These venerable giants, our elders so true, Provide us with air, fresh and pure too. Their leaves are the lungs of this world we call home, With each breath we take, their value is known.

From wood to paper, and fruits they bestow, In countless ways, they help us to grow. In forests, they foster diverse life forms, Their shelter and sustenance, a world of norms.

So, let's stand as stewards, let's pledge to conserve, These ancient trees, for what they deserve. For in their existence, we find our own worth, As stewards of nature, protectors of Earth.





The ancient Tree

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